Vale-Onslow was originally setup by Len Vale-Onslow Snr in the 30s, following on from his exploits as a pioneering motorcycle manufacturer in the 20s.

The firm is very much a family business, with its 4th generation now involved in bringing new life and vigour to a well established name in UK biking.

The firm is going through significant change, and this basic web presence will highlight this and things develop.

In more detail, Vale-Onslow was a pioneering name in the early days of the British bike scene, and many people of a certain vintage will recall spending many hours queueing for parts on a Saturday afternoon to fix their pride and joy.

Time has moved on since these days, and following the disposal of the current premises, which have been our base for over 80 years, we are now looking forward to reinvigorating the brand, and providing a new generation of motorcyclist with the parts, services, and value that has been a well kept secret since this time.